DIVINA BELLEZZA – Dreaming Siena

Urban + Mapping

2016 – Piazza Jacopo della Quercia, Siena

Divina Bellezza – Dreaming Siena is a 40 minutes architectural film on the art treasures of the ancient town of Siena, in Tuscany. The special location of this 270° mapping is the beautiful cathedral-shaped Jacopo della Quercia square in the old center of the town, beside the Duomo square. Human actors and performers are green-screen shooted and then immersed in the computer generated 3D visual environment. The architecture is both the backbone on which the story is created and the screen where the story is projected.

The whole production was based in Siena and many professionals of different fields, as well as common people, was involved in the project that has then become a social event beyond the cultural and enterteinment value.

Great attention was devoted to sound that was totally on radio earphones with binaural treatment to enhance spatialization and emotional involvement preserving the magical silence of a quiet italian medieval square.


Art Director: Ezio Antonelli
Project Manager: Lorenzo Lopane
Production Design: Andrea Mordenti
Visual Design: Gianni Stabile


Graphic Design: Roberto Santoro, Giuseppe Flora, Giovanni Mezzasalma, Oleksandr Skyba
Sound Design: Mirko Fabbri
Music Director: Matteo Semprini
Coreography: Elisa Barrucchieri
Director of Photography: Michel Franco
Stage Costumes: Simonetta Venturini
Art Director Assistant: Federica Caraboni
Production Assistant: Fabio Dell’Anna


Opera – Civita

Technical Partner:
Service 2 Service

Press Review:
Italian Touring Club
La Repubblica.it

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